About this website


About the photographs on this site

The photographs on this website are protected by copyright – but a photograph exists only to be looked at.
So that photos on this site can be appreciated by others, I license their use free of charge as follows: They may be used royalty-free, but they must appear in their original form (without editing or cropping); they must be used only for personal and non-commercial purposes; and they may be used only on websites. You must credit me by putting my name alongside each picture used. As each license for third party use must state its duration, this is 10 years from first use. Furthermore, you must notify me about the use of my work by filling in the contact form on this website.

For any other type of authorization (prints, publication, commercial use, etc), please contact me.
I am able to supply art prints (in limited runs of less than 30, numbered and signed) on request.

Technical details

This site is running on wordpress using a custom theme based on Bones by Eddie Machado.

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