Passionate about photography, based in Paris, I got my first camera while I was still in High School. Back then, there was only roll film, the darkroom and the developing tank. It was another time; everything took patience and had to be done slowly. Years went by, digital photography arrived, but I kept to the concept of the Value of the Moment, a recognition of the importance of the few hundredths of a second that make a photograph. No matter how tiny this moment in the flow of time, everything within it has its place.

The raw materials of this moment come from life and from time’s constant flow around us. Each release of the shutter calls for an internal struggle, as you perpetually re-examine the ways in which part of the three-dimensional world can be confined in a two-dimensional space. It is essential also that this moment should carry with it enough narrative, enough meaning, to allow a fixed image to convey an emotion to the viewer.

I love to stand in this “flow”, to feel the city vibrate to the rhythm of human activity, and to observe people in their daily life. The photographer is a witness who connects with others to reveal all the little things in their life, all these unnoticed moments, lost forever unless the camera captures them.