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New York

Several days (and nights !) wandering in New York streets

Everybody Street

If you are into Street Photography, you definitely have to see this documentary. This is one of the most inspiring movie I’ve seen on the subject.

Facing the sea

In front of the sea there are kids, families, couples, lonely people and friends. They are close, love each other or are distant. Here they are, so different, sitting on this barrier,

Back to Lisbon

I had to get back to Lisbon. To seize this beautiful lusitanian, I lost myself in its streets, striding across its cobbled ways until I was sated


11th january 2015, more than one million people gather in Paris to pay tribute to the victims of extremism.  

Towards Istanbul

Istanbul is the millennial city that straddles on two continents. As a bridge between Europe and Asia, the city is the intersection of many cultures.

Why use film?

Le bon vieux Pentax de mon Père

It’s 2014. Pictures can be published on the Internet three seconds after they were taken, and the youngest of us have probably never seen a roll of film in their lives. However, some people still try to use manual cameras (like the ones you find in museums alongside the dinosaur bones).


Lisbon in summer is bathed in warmth and light. From the sweetest early hours of the day until the warm dusk, people live with the sun and its stamp on the city.